Little joys and Rap-sody

I am not difficult to please. Small things thrill me, and probably always will. Like when I scroll through my Contacts List to call my kids and see the names and personal numbers of princes flash by. Or when while cooking up a plate of omelettes for lunch, I answer my cell phone (crunched between shoulder and ear) and hear, “Hello, is this Francesca? This is BBC Radio 3 calling”. I will never cease to be amazed.

The little jigs and rap-dances I do in the kitchen with my daughter (who had her own victory today when “the cute boy” at school opened the door for her) are the stuff that joy is made of.

A woman lifetimes older than I once told me that the moments most precious to her were the smallest victories that brought the greatest thrill. We’re all in it together. I think it should show.

So for the little girl who saw handsome eyes smile into hers today at school, here’s a little dance. For the mom who’s been called by a major international radio station, voilà a little jig. For everyone out there who has had some small triumph today that brought elation rather than heartache, I’m rapping with my wooden spoon to that lovely, human song, and it’s just for you.


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