Just a little jaunt

The thing about publishing is that there’s always this tug-of-war between the editor and marketing. Editors want quality content and believe that a good read will attract advertisers. The marketing department, well, they feel differently.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.08.31 AM

I’m on my way to a biz lunch to nurse along a three-way meeting that involves a new client and the monster. This basically means that when marketing speaks I’ll be like, “What he really means is that we want to provide you with fantastic articles that promote your company. He didn’t mean we want to make a buck off you.”

I hate this. I despise it. Twenty years as a wife has taught me to do it well, however. Following in the wake of my husband at various social events, sweetly apologising for things he didn’t really mean to say. Some things never change.

Two hours each way for a single lunch. You have to admit that I’m devoted. The upshot is that my 19 year old asked me to meet her halfway home to ride the train together, and that – quite frankly – makes it all worth while.


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