Where passion breeds

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I arrived in Bologna last night for a delicious vegetable flan with porcine mushrooms. The sun shines bright over an ancient town, and I’m off to discover early music instruments in the Cathedral of San Petronio before directing a photo shoot with an all-male early music ensemble this afternoon. Here’s the thing about early music: it’s passionate. Especially with an Italian interpretation.

There is this ancient stereotype about Italian men being sexy, the best lovers, the most passionate. How would I know? But if you’re talking about music, the answer is absolutely yes. Take Stile Antico, for example, the very popular early music ensemble sings like a group of pious nuns. If you want to be lulled to sleep after a long day – go to their concert.

Italians (specifically this group) inject an energy into the interpretation that will keep you drinking of their rich tonality and crusty texture like an addictive ambrosia. Erotic, indeed. There was nothing holy about about early music, even if it was written to ecclesiastical ends.

A musical orgie, I daresay. Thank God this blog is anonymous…


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