The best laid plans

photo 5

It’s early morning even though I vowed to go to bed early tonight. I will rise in six hours for a work session tomorrow before catching the train to Bologna. The photographer and I explored the city today, taking in a trip to the Museo Nazionale del Cinema, the second most important film museum in the world, and catching the glass elevator up to the top where we watched the sun set over the city from the soaring look out point. We walked in comfortable comradery.

The shoot took about an hour, and after that we were free. We walked, observed, laughed – and then had pizza and beer to close the day. The plans that are contrived over good Neapolitaan food are positively daring, and by the time we’d slurped up the last bit of oil with our foccacia, we’d conceived a new but related piece, condensed it into a useable pitch, and decided who would talk to whom about the possibilities of connecting with Switzerland’s most prestigious newspaper in … French? Horrors! We shall see. For now, to bed with a large cloud of hope hovering above.


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