Life is so obvious to some

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I arrived in Torino yesterday on the noon train and was taken immediately to the atelier and home of the great Ugo Nespolo, who, I learned, designed the Campari campaign among a thousand other world-renowned projects. There was Luigi Nono from the Frani studio in Rome, the Neapolitan Stefano Vizioli of opera, Aaron Carpene, the Aussi conductor who became my instant friend the minute he called Corelli music ‘erotic’ to a roomful of scholars in Fusignano. An artistic dream team.

It was the first time I’ve sat down to a home-cooked northern Italian meal, and this one was just a ‘snack’. A two hour snack. Not only was the food so delicious Stefano kept adding portions to my plate. “She’ll have a-one of each-a! And-a darling… you have such a sad a-relationship-a with a-food-a. Just-a eat! Then we take a nap…”

After pasta con melanzane alla napoletana, three kinds of Neapolitan fried desserts, the creamiest gorgonzola, a pear with amaretto chocolate baked into the top (qualified as “pure perversion”) Ugo insisted that Aaron and Stefano play a little ditty on the Steinway in his newly renovated living room. The artistic stimulation for an afternoon laying the groundwork for a new project the team will be launching next year in the States.

I feel full and empowered. These people make me feel that I can do anything, go anywhere, reach my personal dreams and goals, and enjoy myself doing it.

Before we left for the night, I was scrolling through my email and asked them: “I’m invited to the launch of Cecilia Bartoli’s new CD in Versailles, and to a 5-star spa in Chianti on the same days. Which should I do?” The answer was so obvious to me because in the world of music, Bartoli is a goddess. I’m a big fan.

“The spa!” they called in unison.

Of course they did.


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