Wake up!

My eleven-year-old turns on the light to wake me up. About six or seven years ago I slumped into this habit of just letting the world get ready for school without me. The last time Stefan (the Swiss husband) had breakfast or morning coffee with me before he left for work was about 10 years ago, poor fellow. So many women I know rise early to have that special time together before the day begins; it shames me. There was even a year when the little ones would bring coffee and sing funny songs to get me to drive them to school. I call that happy times; my girlfriends call it negligence.

But I’ve raised four kids.

A few years back I started working more, travelling and writing through Europe from our home in Switzerland. In between trips I clean the house, do laundry for six, dole out as much love and affection as I can to my little darlings and, quite possibly, the happiest corner of my life. Sometimes it’s exhausting, much of the time it’s rewarding.

This is the time to wake up. There is a great beauty to raising a family and caring for them, and there is a raison d’être behind finding your own place in this world. Reconciling those is what today is about.

I’m off to make the beds…



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